10 Best Vietnam National Parks

10 Best Vietnam National Parks

If you are after the idea of experiencing ultimate Vietnam wildlife, this list of national park is just the best reference. From rugged mountains in the north to diverse marine life in the west of the country, our picks for these 10 best Vietnam national parks with activities should be the first read you should take
ba be national park
Photo : Andrea Pepoli

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park sits in the northeastern part of Vietnam. It has a number of natural sceneries to admire. Varying from towering limestone hills, Hua ma cave, pounding waterfalls to the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam “Ba Be Lake”. Numerous ethnic tribes of Vietnam such as Dao, Hmong and Tay occupy part of the Park as well. One day is enough to immerse the offered captivating pursuits like kayaking, hiking through limestone hills. Plus boat trips to some of the hidden spots like Cavernous limestone grottos, cultural encounters with the hill tribes and more.

Recommended Activities:
- Boat ride
- Fishing
- Hill tribe trek 

phong nha
Photo: Oxalis Adventure

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park lies in the north central part of Vietnam. Its vast network of caves ranks it one of the best caving areas in the country. The Park’s good habitats that cover a total area of 900 square kilometers consists of underground rivers, tropical rainforests and Mountains. Multiple Wildlife species call these natural sceneries home such as Tigers, elephants, Gibbons, black bears and more. If you are lucky, you can see some while riding along Ho Chi Minh Highway.

Recommended Adventures :
- Explore the World`s largest cave - the Son Doong ( you need to register far in advance )
- Kayaking through pristine waters of Son river
- Jungle trek and homestay

phu quoc park
Photo : stephch152

Phu Quoc National Park

Phu Quoc National Park has everything to offer both for Nature Enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The Park’s total area of 314.2 square kilometers consists of land and sea area. The land area which inhabits over 200 animals is occupied by evergreen forests and dense mountain ranges. Some of the species to see include Silver langurs, macaques, birds like hornbills, along with dugongs. Mountain Heaven and Chua, the highest peak in the Park offers the best hiking expeditions from Ganh Dau village.

Recommended Tour with Phu Quoc Island
Vietnam Indepth Tour 
Vietnam highlights with Beach

hoang lien son park
Photo : Johannes Lundberg

Hoang Lien Son National Park

Home to the highest peak in Indochina ( Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia ), Hoang Lien Son is the most popular destination for mountain trekking in Vietnam. It poccesses stunning landscapes formed by cascading waterfalls, misty mountains, picturesque rice terraces and lovely valleys. 
There is no need to mention about the flora and faura diversity as the number is huge. 

Recommended Tours :
- Sapa Trekking Tours
- Ban Ho Valley Trekking
- Remote Lao Cai biking Tour

cat tien park
Photo : Fujin Liow

Cat Tien National Park

This is easily reached from Ho Chi Minh City. One of the few National Parks in Vietnam that still inhabits rare species of mammals such as black bears, clouded leopard, Asian elephants, Wild boars and more. The best way of delving in this park’s rich biodiversity is by nature walks through the well-maintained trails. Or hire a bike and ride through trails crisscrossing the Park passing by different natural displays. Cat Tien National Park is suitable both for day and multi-day tours. A variety of nature styled accommodation facilities are reserved for visitors.

Recommended Activities:
- 2 days Jungle Trek
- Wildlife spotting including bird watching

cat ba view

Cat Ba National Park

For certain reasons, Cat Ba island is selected to be in our Vietnam Tour Packages for those who want to escape from the crow of Halong Bay. With its range of ecosystems, the park provides habitat to 32 different types of mammals including the world’s remaining golden-headed langur. Beyond that, there are plenty of different hiking trails varying in length. One of them is the 18 km hiking trail that takes about six hours up to Ngu Lam Peak. Trung Trang cave is another natural scenery to marvel while in the Park.

Recommended Activities:
- Explore hidden Caves
- Cycling through Viet Hai villages to National Park center
- See Cat Ba lungur

elephant asia

Yok Don National Park

Amid Vietnam’s Parks, Yok Don National Park is the largest covering a total area of 1155 square kilometers. Its area which extends towards the border with Cambodia is largely filled by dry deciduous forests. Of the 46 mammals present in the Park, Wild elephants, red wolves and leopards are seldom seen. Common wildlife includes monkeys, Muntjac deer as well as various bird species like hornbills, storks and more.  With a guide, you will traverse this Park to your most.

cuc phuong national park

Cuc Phuong National Park

The ease of accessibility invites a lot of travelers to Cuc Phuong, Vietnam’s oldest Park. Besides the dotted local villages. This park features a diverse range of flora and fauna, varied natural sceneries such as cascading waterfalls and more. It’s also home to the primate rescue Centre. Here you can sight plenty of species like white-headed langurs. This Park can be best explored either by bicycle, foot or hire a motorbike from local operators. It’s perfect for day tours from Hanoi. But 2-3 days are recommended for a deep insight.

Recommended Activities
- 4 days trek through forest and ethnic minority villages
- Wildlife spotting with experts

sea turtle

Con Dao National Park

Though Vietnam is hit by volant population growth. This has not limited Con Dao National Park from retaining its immaculate natural state. Settled in the Centre of an archipelago of fourteen islands, Con Dao can be accessed by ferry from the Mekong. This Park rewards fresh breathe for those who envy to stay close to nature. Its area consists of lush tropical rainforests, mounting karsts, white sand beaches and untouched coral reefs where various species roam. While here you can visit the Con Son prison, hike in the walking trails or experience its stunning beaches. Some of the species to witness during the adventure embody macaques, black squirrel in addition to various bird species.

Recommended Activities:
- Watch Sea Turtles
- Scuba and Snorkeling

bach ma park

Bạch Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is nestled in Phu Loc district – the central part of Vietnam. It occupies a broad area of 220 square kilometers. This Park is renowned for its rich biodiversity which comprises of flora and fauna including Vietnam’s unusual species. These species are brown rabbits, Java mouse deer, yellow feet squirrel, black langur and saola. A multi-day tour is enough to soak up the Park’s Wildlife. As well as thriving natural wonders, for example, pounding waterfalls.

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