Top 12 Trekking Destinations in Vietnam

Top 12 Trekking Destinations in Vietnam

From towering mountains to lush tropical forest and picturesque rice terraces, these treks bring you to some of Vietnam`s most impressive sceneries. Whether you are seeking for a soft trek to appreciate local landscape or a challenge to conquer one of Vietnam`s highest peaks, there is something to inspire you
ha giang trekking site
Photo: Daniel Spyonk

Ha Giang 

Ha Giang is the most trendy trekking destination in Vietnam. Apart from the fact that it is recognized as National Heritage for Karst Plateau, Ha Giang treasures wide range of topography that can deliver beautiful treks ranging from easy to hard options. While Dong Van trail reveals the panorama of Ma Pi Leng, the highest pass of Vietnam; Hoang Su Phi treks offer insightful views to the local life of Hmong, Dzao people while you have chances to admire enticing rice terraces. 
It is not to mention that there are many hidden trails that only local travel experts know. These trail can promise some of life time experience in North Vietnam.
For a private trek customized to your personal interest, do not hesitate to contact our Vietnam Tour Experts

cuc phuong trek road

Cuc Phuong National Park

Advanced in 1962, Cuc Phuong is both the largest and oldest National Park in Vietnam. It’s situated in Ninh Binh province at 120 km from Hanoi. Part of the Park’s area is occupied by verdant jungles that are habitat to a diversity of Wildlife species including mammals, reptiles and birds. Besides fauna, visitors can appreciate the satisfying hiking expeditions. 
Trekking options vary from 1 day tour to multi days that bring you into the wilder part of the forest or the habitat of Muong hill tribe. 

sapa terraces
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The hill station of Sapa is notably recognized as the premier trekking point in North Vietnam thanks to its stunning landscape formed by the mountain in Hoang Lien Son national park and scenic Muong Hoa river. The area offers beautiful chances to soak up the authentic life of Hmong, Tay, Dzao, Giay and other 3 ethnic minorities living in the area. 
Though, Sapa tourism develops quickly in this decade, it still remain the core charm that all trekkers expect : photogenic rice terraces, cascading Silver waterfall, unique stilt villages and fascanating traditional workshops. 
If you do a trekking during the rice season, you will love spend at least 1 extra day to sample the local specialities !

cat tien park

Cat Tien National Park

One of the most alluring choice for a trek in Southern Vietnam, Cat Tien National Park boasts a diverse range of wildlife. On a lucky day, you may be able to spot gibbons, reptiles, crocodiles as well as numerous tropical spcies.
It is recommended to spend 2 days and take time to visit Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre

babe national park
Photo: Andrea Pepoli

Ba Be National Park

Lying amid gigantic limestone Mountains, Ba Be National Park is a peak spot to consider if it’s trekking in Vietnam. There is a lot to delve into, varying from delightful waterfalls, hidden caves, and river streams to crystal clear lakes like Lake Ba Be. Travelers can have chances to indulge in numerous water-based pursuits such as kayaking, swimming and more. The Park is partly dotted by ethnic minority villages. 
Many people just stop by Ba Be national park for a day as part of their adventure to north east but we strongly believe the trek for 3 days is well worth. 

mai chau vietnam

Mai Chau

Tucked in the northern Vietnam – Hoa Binh District, Mai Chau is a destination visitors drop by to have an incredible adventure. Its significant draws include rolling terraced hills, striking rice fields, towering mountains as well as settlements of the black and white Thai people. 
When leisure vacationer spend a day to scan the highlights of the valley, 4 days trekking through the realm of Thai residences passing verdant valleys, secluded hamlets is a truly fun-packed expedition. 

Suggestion: Mai Chau Trekking Tour

ban gioc waterfall
Photo: Andrea Pepoli

Cao Bang

Cao Bang appears more visibly on the trekking map of Vietnam just for few years recently. When the French TV showed the exploration of Bao Lac district where the Black Lo Lo hill tribe live, it took the spotlight of all adventuring eyes. 
Today, the province offers about 4 dominant trek linking the war relics like Dong Khe with the natural heritage of Bac Gioc Waterfall, one of the most impressive falls in Asia. 
Authentic Asia Tours organize special tour to let you immerse further than the surface of Cao Bang for 5 days combining market visit, hill tribe trek and jungle safari. For more details, please contact our travel expert 


Pu Luong Nature Reserve

There is no better place to get disconnected to the world and delve into the serene nature of north Vietnam than Pu Luong. The advantage of the trek in Pu Luong is you can choose accommodations at different levels of comfort from basic homestay to a luxury ecolodge. It does not mean your trekking trail is touristic ! 

hang en cave

En Cave, Phong Nha National Park

This breathtaking trekking route opens from October to August attracts thousands of adventurers who have ever heard about the World`s third largest cave - Hang En. It offers chances to traverse tropical rainforest, deep streams and amazing valley for camping. The whole trip requires the moderate level of physic and good preparation but all your effors are rewarded with amazing photogenic chances and ultimate tropical experience. 
Make sure you get a guided trekking tour to enjoy the best of Phong Nha national park !

lai chau vietnam

Phu Si Lung, Lai Chau

The second highest mountain of Vietnam is totally out of the tourist radar. While the highest peak becomes crowded with massive tourism, Phu Si Lung remains untouched. There is no paved walk but the small path satisfy all trekkers who seek for something unique. 
On route, you will have time to meet many ethnic minorities like La Hu, Thai or Hmong. Another advantage of this trek is the view expanding from Lai Chau province, Vietnam to China. 

dalat view

Da Lat

For many Vietnamese, Da Lat is well known as a hill station for romantic retreat or family holiday. However, its background formed by numerous waterfalls, picturesque valleys and pine forest is ideal to plan a trekking tour. 
To appreciate the best routes of Da Lat, it is advisable to contact a local tour operator for 3 days trek accross Elephant Mountain, summit of Pinhatt and Chicken valley. 

Ngoc Son - Ngo Luong, Thanh Hoa province

This area is another hidden gem in northern Vietnam. It is full of spectacular and local surprises. During a 3 or 4 days trek, you are not only to absorb in the rice terraces which appears in the middle of the lust forest but also having chances to enjoy various outdoors including bamboo rafting, birding. 
We really recommend this place for those who want to experience the authentic Vietnames hospitality


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