Travel to Hanoi with Kids

Travel to Hanoi with Kids

Hanoi is an intrigue city in Southeast Asia. The city has everything to seduce family holiday goers from appetizing streets to fascinating cultural wonders. These are some of the best things you should soak up in Hanoi:
hanoi water puppet

Watch a Puppet Show

For first timers, especially, enjoying a puppet show is one of the most highlighted experiences in Hanoi. This art involved in north Vietnam from 16th century and depicts the local rural life in a very attractive way. Each show lasts for about 1 hour exposing a perfect blend of on-water screen performance with traditional folk music. Each movement of the puppetry will make your kids exciting. Tickets are often fully booked, make sure you get the ticket at Thang Long Theatre.

street food
Photo credit : Jonas Muscat

Take part in a cooking class

Vietnamese foods are famous with Pho or Banh Mi. However, from cooking to tasting, it is a very different journey. On a trip to Hanoi, cooking class is good treat to your kids as they will have chance to learn how to make the delicious Nem ( spring roll ), Bun Cha and many other authentic dishes. The cooking class often involves with a market visit which provides a true sense of local interaction for your kid. If you know that Vietnamese love kid, you will surely let your kid taking this class.
If you do not have much time, Hanoi Food Tours could be a perfect alternative.

vietnam painting

Visit Art Museum

Vietnamese arts may not well recognized in the world but it has own values. The art museum in Hanoi displays wide range of art works and artifacts from ancient time to the modern days. It is a big school for your family to learn about Vietnamese art development.

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ethnology museum

Get fun at Museum of Ethnology

Another place to do Museum Hopping in style. Basically, the museum is a beautiful place where you get the introduction of Vietnamese ethnicity, the diverse lifestyles from mountain to beach. Apart from the colorful collection, each month there is a themed exposition to let visitors understand more about cultural faces of Vietnam. For kids, the museum has spacious playground which showcases folk games as well painting area which can keep your kids occupied up to 2 hours.

Biking the Red River Delta

If you expect an active tour in Hanoi with kids, a cycling tour is just a brilliant idea. Either it is for a half day or full day biking, your family will be greeted by friendly locals at their farms or traditional villages. Other highlights of this intrigue adventure are the opportunities to see rice plantation, quaint workshops that you may not see elsewhere.
Our suggestion: for half day tour, opt the ride to Red River Island. For full day cycling, make your way to Hanoi countryside !

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Navigating the old quarter on a Cyclo

When you are tired of walking through the busy streets, cyclo is a beautiful alternative to observe Hanoi`s life. This mood of transportation has been serving travelers since centuries ago and it is still one of the best ways to appreciate the vibrant markets, small corners of Hanoi.

Ionah Show

This show just appears to the Hanoi activity maps recently. It is a feast of eyes for families, mixing beautifully circus, music, 3D mapping and lighting performances.

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