Top Things to do in Hue

Top Things to do in Hue

Hue is the one of the most iconic Vietnam Travel Destinations. There are many things awaits to explore in Hue including its natural wonders and cultural heritages. The city is very charming with countless attractions remaining from the last Nguyen Dynasty. Its surrounding is abundant of beaches, national park and timeless villages.
It may take you up to 5 days to enjoy all the top things to do in Hue. These selective activities and sights are just the most outstanding experiences you should not miss

hue citadel

Explore the Imperial Citadel

The Imperial Citadel stands among the major temptations in Hue city. Built-in 1830s, this UNESCO site consists of over 147 structures. It has something to offer for any tripper who is craving for history, culture and architecture.
Once you enter inside, you are embraced by carved gates, green moats, museums with diverse exhibits and royal pavilions.

Visit the Hue Royal Theatre

Hue is a highlight for a trip to Vietnam. It packs plenty into the travelers’ itinerary, including a visit to the Royal Theatre. This venue was meant to entertain the royalty, but it’s now a National Conservatory of Music.
Adding to its elegant splendor and exquisite stage decorations, the theatre beguiles trippers with unmatched cultural art performances.

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lang co beach

Beach Hopping in Lang Co or Thuan An Beach

You may recommend Hue for culture, history and magnificent monuments, but it as well makes for a list of top relaxing escapes in Vietnam. It features some sun-drenched beaches with fine sands and blue-green waters.
Therefore, beach hopping should not miss among the top things to do in Hue
Lang Co, Canh Duong and Thuan An beach are listed in our list of Best Vietnam Beaches 

Photograph Trang Tien Bridge

Built by the French, Trang Tien Bridge was meant to connect two Hue parts separated by the perfume river. It is 403 m long and 5.4 m wide. Arrange for a walk on the bridge at night. It’s more beautiful and sparkles with colorful lights.

minh mang tomb

Visit the tombs of Nguyen Emperors

For an insight into Hue’s history, the tombs of the Nguyen Emperors are inclusive of the top sites you have to see.
There are seven in number including Gia Long, Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, Tu Duc, Duc Duc, Dong Khanh and Khai Dinh Tomb. Beside the histical value, these royal tombs also reflects the highlights of Vietnamese architect in 19th century. 

Experience Hue Royal Banquet

Dinner To make your trip to Hue more exceptional, don’t miss the Royal Banquet dinner. What’s unique with this offer is that; all participants dress as Vietnamese royalty, enjoy the traditional music played only for the royal family, and are served the king and queen’s special dishes.
These dishes come well adorned with fruits and precious ingredients.

Marvel traditional Garden Houses 

If not the Imperial citadel, garden houses are other suitable places to soak up the Vietnamese traditional architecture in Hue. There are many, but Tha Om is incomparable. It is located in Kim Long village on your way to the Thien Mu Pagoda. Tha Om’s setting is made up of gardens, lotus ponds and a complex of pavilions.

Take part in a Cooking Class

Hue's cuisine is really distinctive. It has royal influence as well regional flavors. Some even said the Hue cuisine is considered as the finest Vietnamese food.
Enrolling in a cooking class is a good chance for you to uncover the secret of Hue's foods.
Tour to explore the best of Hue : Vietnam Discovery Tour 

hue boat trip

Cruise the Perfume River 

You have a lot to include in your wish list, but what you shouldn’t miss is the Thien Mu Pagoda and the perfume riverboat ride. The Pagoda is situated on Ha Khe Hill, 5km west of Hue city. The best option is to start with a tour around the temple and later cool off with a cruise along the poetic Huong River. From the boat, you will admire the spectacular views of riverside scenery and sunset.

Experience Conical Hat Making at Tay Ho Village

Do you wish for a unique experience? Conical hat making is worth to be part. Before leaving Hue, endeavor to visit one of the villages that major in producing these poem conical hats like Tay Ho village. A conical hat is something you can take back home as a souvenir.

Dong Ba market

Known as the biggest fair in the city, Dong Ba market is a busy and energetic place to hunt for beautiful souvenirs, mouthwatering noodles or even jelwery. 
The best time to make a visit is the morning when there happens many photogenenic opportunities. 

Motorcyle to Tam Giang Lagoon 

Located about 12km far from the city, Tam Giang Lagoon is a perfect destination to enjoy Hue's authentic landscapes and rural life. While photographers flocks into the area to capture the unique fishing village or the timeless fishing villages, nature lovers are attracted by Ra Chu mangrove or the pristine forest nearby. 
Do not miss the magical sunset in Tam Giang !

bach ma national park

Trekking in Bach Ma National Park

​Things to do from Hue are endless. If your interest is Wildlife and waterfalls, Bach Ma National Park is the best destination for you. It is situated along the border that separates Hue from Da Nang. Besides its diverse flora and fauna, other allures to see in the park are Do Quyen waterfall, Vong Hai Dai and more.

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Road tripping to Hai Van Pass

The Hai Van Pass is a must-see from Hue. Winding for about 21km, this pass connects two favorite tourist spots (Hue and Da Nang). A ride along the route rewards panoramic views of the region’s scenery such as palm-tree fringed beaches like Lang Co, pretty rice paddies and more. Other than bicycling or motor biking, take a Reunification train from Hue to Da Nang.

Vinh Moc Tunnels & DMZ

Before boarding a flight, train or bus from Hue, make sure to visit the famed place that sheltered thousands of the Viet people during the Vietnam War. Built by the North Vietnam communists, Vinh Moc is about 105 km from Hue city. It protected civilians against US bombards for over 2000 days.

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