Top Things to do in Hoi An

Top Things to do in Hoi An

Anchoring by the South Indochina Sea, Hoi An is one of the most characterful places you should visit in Vietnam. It s rewarded as one of the most charming Unesco heritage sites in the country. While the town reflects the beautiful signature of Japanese, Portugese, Chinese and Vietnam architecture influences, its surrounding surprises all visitors with lush waterways, stunning beaches and friendly village.
To soak up the highlights of the area, simply follow our list Top Things to do in Hoi An below: 
hoi an lane

Witness Hoi An lantern making 

The town of Hoi An is famous for many traditional workshops but lantern making is the most special one. There are many types and sizes of lantern with very reasonable price that you can opt for a souvenirs after a trip to Vietnam. 
Observing or even participating in a lantern making class is one of the premier hand-on experiences you should soak up. 
Recommendation: Hoi An Lady Lantern Center

hoi an cooking

Take a cooking class

If you are after culinary adventure in Hoi An, there is no better way to delve into Vietnam’s local dishes than taking ( this is good : no better way … than ) a cooking class. Many restaurants in the city offer cooking lessons, but the one at Thuan Tinh School is rewarding and hard to compare. You will start with a visit to the local markets, collect and be briefed on how to use some local ingredients. Later exercise the skills with the help of a professional chef. Some of the dishes you can try are beef noodle salads, classic pho, fresh spring rolls and crispy pancakes.

Explore the countryside on a cycle

Hoi An is endowed with plenty of natural wonders that usually overwhelm tourists. You can soak up all the charm of the city by a cycle ride. Most homestays or hotels offer bikes at affordable prices. A ride on the city’s roads with other cyclists rewards local life encounters and expose you to a range of stunning sceneries including rice paddies, floating bridges, traditional villages, untouched beaches, towering hills and handicrafts

Visit the Vegetable Village

Most of the local meals served in Hoi An are supplemented with fresh greens that are worth to taste. From hefty taro root to fine spring onions, all ingredients supplied to the local markets come from Tra Que, a vegetable village placed amid An Bang beach and Hoi An city. You can visit the area to see how these herbs are grown and meet the farmers.

hoi an cultural dance
Photo: VT. Polywoda

Attend One of the Cultural Shows

Once the rendezvous for many cultures, Hoi An isn`t lack of cultural activities. One of the most enjoyable shows you should attend is A O show. There are mainly three shows you can choose from, and these include Hoi An memories, Lune productions and the famous water puppet show.

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hoi an bbq
Photo: Alex

Discover street barbecue

To those who prefer barbecue than cooked food, Hoi An has something for you. Head over to the northern bank of the Thu Bon River; you will have a lot to embrace including prawns, chicken and grilled pork. It is dipped in a peanut tomato sauce and served with rice paper wrappers, greens.

hoi an silk village

Explore Hoi An Silk Village

This is an interesting stop in Hoi An to learn about the traditional way of making silk from worms in Hoi An. It showcases the rich tradition of Silk industry as well explaining why Hoi An is a great place to buy clothes.

cao lau

Eat Cau Lao

Vietnamese cuisine is hard to ignore when listing the top yummy local dishes in Asia. The country stars different foods in its cities; Hoi An is renowned for Cau Lao, a delish noodle specialty. It is found in almost every town's restaurant, often served with fresh herbs, spices, crunchy rice crackers and sliced pork.

hoi an river

Boat Ride along the Thu Bon River

Without doubt, Boat rides along the Thu Bon River add to the list of top pursuits you should partake for beautiful moments in Hoi An. It is a must for everyone on the boat to put on a life jacket. The cruise confers awe-inspiring views of the riverside scenery and sunset/rise.

hoi an beach
Photo: Steward Cooke

Beach Hopping

Hoi An has some of Vietnam’s top beaches, and this is the reason why it is widely visited by beachgoers. There are four beaches in place, but An Bang is the most notable. It consists of unspoiled shorelines that are flanked by turquoise waters. Besides swimming, visitors enjoy other activities like boat rides, jet skiing and more.
Did you know that An Bang and Cua Dai Beaches are listed in our Vietnam Best Beaches as well ?


Pamper Yourself at a Day Spa

After a long day of hustle (such as walking around the Old town), no any other way you can regain your normal health strength than a spa treatment. The treatment usually includes head and foot massages along with laser hair removal.

town hoi an

Visit the Old Town

Amongst the top things to do in Hoi An, it is incomplete to not mention about the main town. The town is full of beautiful places for travelers to explore. Whether you are here to sample the Unesco Heritage Wonders, seeking for a slide of culture, enjoy museum visits or capture the Vietnam-China-Japanese architect, you`ll find all.
It is not mentioned the fact that Hoi An town turns extremely romantic at night with lantern, candles and sparkling rivers. 

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