Top Things to do in Ha Long Bay

Top Things to do in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the must-sees for any Vietnam Trip. Since it is recognized as the Unesco Heritage Site, this spectacular archipelago has gained the attention of all visitors. The charm of Ha Long Bay comes from its imposing islands, islets rising out of the azure waters of Tonkin Gulf. 
To soak up the best of this area, these are the top Ha Long experiences you should not miss

halong bay view

Cruise through its Islands

Undoubtedly, a cruise trip in Ha Long is the premier choice to explore its beauty. Local cruise liners now offer not only world class services on board but also amazing shore excursions for beach hopping or island visits. 
Whether your option is to take a leisure journey or an active water adventure, you`ll have chance to behold the most highlighted part of Halong.
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thien cung cave

Explore Thien Cung Cave

This impressive cave reveals a large number of interesting rock formations, all magically lit with vibrant lighting to add to the dramatic effect.  There are stretching stalactites and stalagmites, and you will hear the legend that surrounds this beautiful cave.  This is one of the most popular caves in the area.

Dau Go Cave

This ancient cave is one of the biggest caves in Halong Bay.  On entering through an enormous opening, the domed ceiling is even higher, making visitors feel tiny in such a large space.  The cave is around 2 million years old, and numerous interesting rock formations have been created over the passage of time.  Well lit, it is said that many of the formations resemble various objects and animals – try and make out the forms by yourself!  As with many of the Halong Bay caves, there is a colourful and fascinating folk story connected to the cave. 

kayaking vietnam

Kayak through floating Cave and further

When you ask any travel agency about what is the most popular activity in Halong, many will say it is kayaking. The main reason is you are about to see Ha Long`s island closer than just viewing it from a cruise deck. 
For those who fancy to do something energetic and extraordinary, 3 days kayaking from Ha Long Bay to Lan Ha Bay could be your life time experience. 
Update : there are possibility to embark on a kayaking adventure for short time even you take a day trip from Hanoi 

Cua Van Fishing Village

This is the most well-known of the fishing village in the area, and you can see how the locals live in harmony with the sea.  The main source of income is from fishing, and you may spot some boats heading out to see what they can catch.  Visitors can also taste a selection of fresh and tasty seafood dishes in the village.  There is an interesting cultural centre where you can learn even more about the fishing industry, the village’s heritage and history, and the people who have lived in the village for many generations. 

cat ba park

Hike Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba island boasts some outstanding natural attractions as well as glorious views of the ethereal karsts in the distant waters.  The national park area is excellent for hiking and wildlife spotting, and you may even spot a glimpse of the native and endangered Ba Langur – if you are very lucky!  Relax on the beaches and enjoy life on this stunning island. 

Dau Ba Island

This island is loved for its excellent water sports; visitors can enjoy diving and snorkelling, as well as kayaking and canoeing.  There are caves to explore, accessible only by boat, as well as pretty and sparkling inland lakes.  There are brilliant places for swimming, and it is an incredibly popular destination for fans of the great outdoors.  
Whilst you will never be entirely alone in this top tourist spot, and many of the islands are protected, for a sense of being in a more remote place try Quan Lan Island.  It is especially quieter during the week, with people from Hanoi visiting at the weekends.  It is less developed and less touristy than other places in the area.   

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