Top Things to do in Ha Giang

Top Things to do in Ha Giang

The far north area of Ha Giang province offers some of the best mountainous adventures in Vietnam. From cascading waterfalls to photogenic rice terrace, it is also home to spectacular landscapes that no other places has. 
quan ba
Photographer: Karine Eye

Happiness Road - Ha Giang Loop

Ha Giang has no shortage of things to see, one of these is the Happiness road. Before its construction, Ha Giang was non-touristy, but it’s now a top spot to consider for a trip to Vietnam. This prominent road covers a total length of 185 km from Ha Giang city to Meo Vac and Dong Van. A drive along this loop reveals many Ha Giang’s temptations including gorgeous rice paddies, rolling hills and more.

ma pi leng pass

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark

With certainty, this member of the UNESCO Geopark Network is a reason alone for a trip to Ha Giang. This area differentiates itself with a diverse range of limestone karsts, dramatic mountain ranges, and deep canyons.
Dong Van Plateau has a lot to make your days embodying hikes to Mount Mieu Vac (highest peak) and Tu San, the deepest canyon in the area. More to wonder at are the scripts and ancient letters found on many rock faces, though their meanings are still unknown.

dong van market
Photo: Andrea Pepoli

Soak up the Culture in Dong Van Sunday Market

For local encounters in Ha Giang, visit the fair market in Dong Van. It is held on every Sunday and occupies the Dong Van old quarter. The market features a friendly atmosphere where you find local people (Tay, Nung, Hoa and Hmong) dressed in fine costumes and ready to sell their goods. It is an ideal venue to purchase local products as souvenirs.

hmong palacePhoto: Wanda Amos

Visit the Mansion of Vuong Family

Built by the craftsmen from Yunnan and Hmong workers, the Mansion of Vuong family is something you should visit while in Ha Giang. It showcases striking Chinese architectural styles combined with the designs of the H’Mong people.

quan ba mountain
Photo: Vincent Guth

Quan Ba - Heaven Gate & Twin Mountains

Set amid the pretty rice fields, the Twin Mountains are a scenic sight worth to behold while in Ha Giang. Just next to these two round shaped green hills is the charming Heaven gate that enchants adventurers with awe-inspiring landscape views from a height of 1500m above sea level.
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Meo Vac - The Pass and the Love Market

Meo Vac with its Love market and the Ma Pi Leng Pass is another highlight in Ha Giang. For those more interested in Khau Vai Love Market, time your visit on the 27th day of the third lunar calendar to join the ethnic people as they celebrate love moments. During this event, the beautifully dressed locals meet up with their potential lovers and ex-lovers.

hoang su phi rice paddiesHoang Su Phi
​Amongst the top places to visit in Ha Giang, Hoan Su Phi is exceptional. This district is located at the foot of Tay Con Linh Mountain in the western part of the province. It is treasured for its astounding and scenic terraced rice fields. During the harvesting period, views of this area with a backdrop of towering mountains are inspirational.

Conquer the Northernmost Point of Vietnam - Lung Cu Flagpole

Lying close to China –Vietnam border in northern Vietnam, Lung Cu Flag Tower stands among the top attractions in the region. The scenic hike to this tower is strenuous, but rewarding once you make it to the flagpole. From the top, you can take in spectacular views of Dong Van, the winding Happiness road and other sceneries in Ha Giang.

Enjoy the Night at Dong Van Old Quarter

If hiking doesn’t appeal, Ha Giang is also famous for its nightlife. Make sure to be part of a night at Dong Van Old quarter. This event (where Viet people hang red lanterns, showcase their traditional products and participate in varied cultural activities) takes place three times usually on the 14th, 15th, and 16th lunar days of March.

Take a Selfie at Tu San Canyon

Ha Giang has several things to make it captivating to visit. It is photogenic and girded by diverse sceneries such as Tu San Canyon, Nho Que River in Dong Van Karst plateau and more. Don’t miss a Selfie at the deepest canyon in the region; it is enough to make your trip memorable.

Lung Cam Village - Highland Romance

At about 25km from Dong Van town, Lung Cam village has something to offer, particularly to those who fancy experiencing the life of the locals. It is located in a romantic valley and consists of over fifty-three households of Hmong people. Have it to your best by a village walk.

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