Top Things to do in Cat Ba Island

Top Things to do in Cat Ba Island

Lying in the Gulf of Tonkin, Cat Ba is the biggest islands in the Halong Archipelago. It differs from all other islands in northern Vietnam by its fascinating national park, timeless fishing villages and incredible historic sites. 
Many visitors choose Cat Ba to set sail out to the waters of Halong Bay, others are happy to stay on Monkey island to enjoy the wildlife. For whatever the reason, Cat Ba islands has so many things to seduce its visitors
cat ba park

Trek in Cat Ba National Park

One of the top things you should do in Cat Ba island is to trek through its national park. This protected area is located at the heart of Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve. It plays home to some Wildlife species and numerous trekking trails that traverse its six varied ecosystem types.
One of the top adventures offered in the Park is the Frog Lake – Viet Hai Village trail. It is 14km long and includes two hours of boat cruise and kayaking.

cat co beach

Go Swimming at Cat Co Beaches

If beach hopping is your main reason for a Vietnamese trip, Cat Ba Island should be among your bucket list. This pristine locality is home to three beaches that are naturally endowed with sandy shorelines and turquoise sea waters.
Don’t miss a ride in the available electric cars along with some beachside activities like basking, sand bathing and more. Cat Co beaches are as well perfect for lovers of water sports.

monkey cat ba
Photo: Mervrain

Feed the Monkeys at Monkey Island

Located in the Lan Ha Bay, Monkey Island is an ideal relaxing escape. It is bounded by two untouched beaches and the Rocky Mountains. The Island is perfect for beach hangouts, but visitors are enchanted by the friendly monkeys that come down when they discover the presence of tourists.
Over 20 individuals are regular residents, come along with some food to feed them.
Tour to visit Monkey Island Resort 

cat ba biking
Photo: Sunlight Cruise

Visit Cat Ba rustic fishing villages

Viet Hai village has all that to recommend it amongst the top spots in Cat Ba Island. It hides itself about 18 km from the vibrant Cat Ba town. The area beguiles trippers with a tranquil atmosphere, idyllic natural scenery and remarkable local life experiences .
Adding to Viet Hai, Cai Beo is another must-see in Cat Ba. It is the oldest fishing village in the country and consists of over 300 households. The main highlights in the village are the floating houses and luscious seafood.

Photographer: Karl Muller

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

For Kayaking in Cat Ba, Lan Ha Bay offers the best experience. The Bay’s waves are suitable for any kayaker to navigate along the crystal clear waters. There are two options for travelers to choose; you either book a half, full-day tour or rent a kayak and reach out to different hidden spots like water caves.

rock climbing

Rock Climbing in Lan Ha Bay

With its abundant rock cliffs, it’s no wonder that Lan Ha Bay receive many rock-climbing enthusiasts.
The bay offers a fantastic adventure that is often named among the top things to do in Cat Ba. It differs itself with five rock climbing routes that start from Beo Wharf.
Whether you are an expert or a novice climber, this area is perfect for you. Some of the natural wonders to admire during the expedition are Van Boi Island, Tien Ong Island and the Fish cave.

cat ba sunset
Photo: Leon Berlotti

Watch Sunset at Canon Fort

When it comes to listing top attractions in Cat Ba Island, the Canon Fort can’t miss. The historic site consists of 40 years ago built trench fortifications, tunnel systems and cannons. Time your visit to the fortress at sundown to admire the sunset views of Lan Ha Bay and other nearby Islands.

Experience Cat Ba Town Nightlife like a local

Cat Ba Island has plenty of pursuits to cover any travelers’ days. If you are a fun related traveler who is not yet sure of top things to indulge in while exploring Cat Ba; make sure to be part of its lively nightlife. Associate with locals, take some beers or ride a tandem bike with your friends or loved ones.

Visit Tung Thu Beach

Situated just opposite to Cat Ba Town, Tung Thu Beach is a quintessential alternative for those who wish to escape from the overcrowded Cat Co beaches. With its fine sands, calm atmosphere and untouched shorelines, this beach receive a plethora of laid back travelers per year.

halong waterways
Photo: Boris G

Explore Halong Bay

Often listed amongst Vietnam's major draws, Halong Bay is a must-visit. This striking natural wonder consists of limestone islands, islets, cliffs and hidden coves that dot the blue-green waters. Its lush greenery, when combined with other surrounding scenery, creates one of the most scenic sights in the country.
Be part of an incredible boat cruise around, and this is enough to soak up the Bay’s charm.

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