Top Things to do in Mui Ne

Top Things to do in Mui Ne

Mui Ne is one of the most charming resort town in South Vietnam. It is known as one of the best sites in Southeast Asia to enjoy kite surfing. However, its surrounding beaches and local attraction have more than that to draw its visitors.
Here are the top things you should do in Mui Ne
mui ne dune

Explore the White & Red Sand Dunes

Since White Sand Dunes are among the main draws for travelers to South Eastern Vietnam, it’s not hard to understand why it appears on the bucket list of visitors to Mui Ne. You can explore it by walking, but a quad bike is exceptional. Quad bikes are available to hire, ride up and down the dunes. In addition to taking imposing photos, the experience is just fun as well as rewarding with sweeping views of rolling waves, blue skies.The red sand dune is another highlight in place, there are two options to tour this natural scenery. You either rent a plastic sled for a ride down the sand slopes or choose to amble around for views of sunset/rise.

kite surfing

Try Kite Surfing

If you are still hesitating about the must-dos in Mui Ne, Kite Surfing is amongst the activities not to be missed. Mui Ne beach has several kite surfing schools such as Mui Ne Kitesurf School. The schools offer both beginners and advanced lessons along with refresher courses at affordable prices. With all this, it's undeniable; Mui Ne is the best spot to practice this adventurous water sport in South East Vietnam.

fairy stream
Photo: Andrzej Trutkowski

Wander through the Fairly Stream

Seekers of an ankle-deep adventure may find the fairly stream a right choice. Resembling the Grand Canyon, this red creek winds its way through boulders, bamboo forests and the dunes. During the experience, visitors ramble barefooted along the creek bed, while taking in the breathtaking scenery. To add on that, a blend of colors (yellow, red and brown) for rock faces make it a photogenic area to take beautiful snaps.

Find a Beach Around to Unwind

Mui Ne is a resort town along the Vietnam Sea. Therefore it’s no surprise that you will find an array of untouched sandy shorelines, lined by palm trees. Of all beaches, holidaymakers can unwind at Mui Ne Beach, swim in the crystal clear waters or bask in open sunshine. Moreover, the beach is scattered with restaurants that serve worth-tasting seafood.
Mui Ne is one of our favorite spots in almost our Vietnam Tour to introduce travelers about the diversity of Southern Vietnam. 

Stroll around Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing village is one of the main highlights for a trip to Mui Ne town. It’s a perfect place to taste fresh seafood as well as experience local life. On a visit, you can be embraced by sights of colorful fishing boats moored on the water, together with fishermen practicing unique methods of fishing. You can sit on top of the hill, behold all that is taking place in this quaint village but strolling around gives a deep insight.

poshanuVisit Cham Temple, Poshanu

Champ Temple sits atop Ba Nai Hill, seven kilometers from Phan Thiet City. You can visit it for historical buffs about the ancient Champa Kingdom. 
The monument reflects perfectly the glory of Cham architect in the past. It is best to visit the site on a guided tour. 

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Hike to the top of Ta Cu

Mountain Ta Cu Mountain is inclusive of tourists’ favorite spots - offers best hiking experiences in Mui Ne. It’s surrounded by 250000 square meters consisting of limestone caves and lush jungles - home to the rare Wildlife. You can get to the top by a 10-minute cable car ride. Or choose for a two-hour hike through the rainforest that confers views of some Wildlife species as they stroll into view.

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