Top Sapa Trekking Tours

Top Sapa Trekking Tours

Sapa is remarkable for any trekking program in north Vietnam. It is home to stunning mountains dotted with picturesque rice terraces, cascading waterfalls, pritimive forest and beautiful river valley. Trekking is one of the best way to appreciate the landscape of Sapa. 
Here comes to top choices for Sapa Trekking 

sapa hut
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Less Touristic Trails - Off Beaten Track Tours

The reason why we mention about these tours first because they offers the authentic experiences. You will find also the classic trekking tours in the lower part of this article. 
The tour price is not cheap but you pay for what have ! 

Ban Ho Valley Trek 

Tour duration: 3 days 2 nights
Starting point: Hanoi or Sapa town

This tour takes you in the charming habitat of Sapa different ethnic groups such as Tay, Red Dao and Black Hmong. En route, you are to behold the spectacular scenery from valley to valley, village to village. The homestay allows you to soak up more than jus the surface of the place, especially the fun facts about local people. 
The trekking level remains at moderate which means you will walk from 4 to 6 hours each day. 

Sapa - Ta Giang Phinh Trek

Tour duration: 2 days 1 night 
Starting point: Sapa Town or Hanoi ( by bus or train )

You will enjoy total 29 km trek with car transfer to the starting point and pick up. The trip highlights the chances to delve into the life of Red Dao people in some less-known villages like Gia Thau, Kim Ngan. Apart from the typical postcard of Sapa formed by rice terraces, magical mountain, your visit is also rewarded with local cooking class, Cold Waterfall encounter.

Sapa Nomad Trek 

Tour duration: 4 days 
Starting point: Sapa
This tour is designed by our travel expert. Each day, you will see different corner of Hoang Lien Son mountain and sample various foods as you change the homestay location. The excursion goes out of the top Vietnam Trekking Destinations which means you will enjoy something very extraordinary.
For further information and itinerary about this tour, please contact our travel expert. 

sapa rice paddies
Photographer: Pet Licule

Iconic Sapa Trek

These are the famous trekking trails in Sapa. They exposes the most prominent landscape that Sapa has to offer. 

River Trekking Trail

Tour duration: 1 day 
Tour price: from $ 25/ person for small group of 6 people
Starting point: O Quy Ho commune - 11km from Sapa

You will be picked up from the hotel for a scenic drive uphill to O Quy Ho. The trek is very pleasant with much descent. On the way, you will meet Black Hmong in Sin Chai  and San Sa Ho villages. Prepare your camera to capture the peak of Fansipan mountain !

Muong Hoa Valley Trek

Tour duration: 2 days 1 night
Tour price: from $ 65/ person for small group

Amongst the top things to do in Sapa, Muong Hoa Valley does not only showcase the variation of ethnic culture but also impress its visitors by the serene, charming villages. This tour can be extended to be 4 days trip if you want to have a distinctive itinerary with experience tour guide. 

Sapa Farm Visit 

Tour duration: 2 days 1 night
Tour price : start from $ 220/ person

The adventure goes beyond just scanning the intrigue valley of Muong Hoa. With a short car ride, you will soon escape from the tourist crowd and get lost in the valley of Ban Ho where Tay people welcome you with their smiles. You will be attracted by the farm work which actually you can try ! From this base, you will trek further to other neighboring communities. The best part of this Sapa trekking tour is the friendly local internation.

The Red Dao Experience

Tour duration: 2 days 1 night
Tour price: start from $60/ person

For 24km from Sapa to Ma Tra via Suoi Ho, your Red Dao Experience is truly a highlight as you understand more about the French Colonial times reflecting through the ancient villas, churches. Another advantage of the adventure is the hand-on experiences as you witness how local people produces their styled embroidery and colorful Dao custom. 


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