Pu Luong Tours

Pu Luong Tours

Pu Luong Nature Reserve is an appealing destination for adventure-minded travellers. The area is home to the striking landscapes formed by beautiful mountain and photogenic rice terraces. Many people have recommended this place for a trek while others consider it as a nature getaway. For whatever the reason, these Pu Luong Tours show you the best possibility to explore the area :

Pu Luong Discovery 

Duration: 3 days / Start: from Hanoi
This Pu Luong Tour Package invites you to capture the stunning view of Mai Chau valley, one of the most famous attractions in northwest Vietnam. You`ll then head to the secluded side of Thanh Hoa province, walking through some of the friendliest villages in Pu Luong including Uoi, Lan Trong, Lan Ngoai. 
After seeing the local life in Kho Muong, you`ll be treated to a mountain view of Hieu village where rice terraces locate. 

Pu Luong Trekking Tour

Duration: 5 days
For those who expect a trip that exposes the authenticity of Vietnamese mountains, this Pu Luong Trekking Tour is just for you. For 5 days, you`ll learn about the ecosystem of this spectacular natural reserve as well the colorful tradition of its habitant.
There are opportunities for cozy homestays at Kho Muong, Son, and Hin villages. The tour is totally customizable which means you can add more exciting activities into your itinerary like bamboo rafting, Thai cultural dance. 

Luxury Pu Luong Escape

Duration: 4 days
Although Pu Luong hides in a very less-visited side of Thanh Hoa province, there is still some luxurious options to enjoy. This 4-day tour combines perfectly the exploration with the soft trek, easy visits, and the comfort you deserve. It is not to mention the fact that you`ll be accompanied by a very flexible, professional tour guide who will ensure your experience is exceptional. 

North Vietnam Explorer

Duration: 8 days
This tour offers a very insight of northern Vietnam. We have added all the best alternatives to form this package. You`ll visit Pu Luong instead of the touristic Sapa hill station. Lan Ha bay is also a perfect choice to avoid the crowdy Halong Bay. It does not mean that you may miss something. Instead, there are more values on this tour from impressive hill tribe encounters to the unique sailing routes inside the heritage of Halong. 
Details: North Vietnam 8 days Tour


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