15 Non Touristic Activities in Hanoi

15 Non Touristic Activities in Hanoi

These 15 non touristic activities in Hanoi offers a closer look to the local culture. They offers some different experiences than just the famous things to do. They are both fun-packed activities as well cultural-oriented things you should not miss
lotte tower
Photo: Citypassguide

Lotte Tower Viewing Deck

The Lotte Tower is inclusive of the tallest skyscrapers in Hanoi. Travelers visit this monument for the panoramic views of Hanoi city from the viewing deck on the 65th floor.

Quang Ba Flower Market

This Market is not more touristic in Hanoi, but it’s an absolute must-see for flower admirers. To get there from Hoan Kiem Lake, it takes about 20 minutes. Time your visit from midnight to 6:00 am; you will love the beautiful array of flowers such as orchids, sunflowers, lilies and roses.

Long Bien Market at night

Just at the start of the famous Long Bien Bridge, you find this night market, a supplier for fresh food to multiple restaurants within the city. The place is non-touristic, but it’s worth a visit for true local life ordeal. Don't expect souvenirs in this market - it is ideal to explore various components used when preparing Viet dishes.


Hotpots on Phung Hung Street

There is nothing more uniting than sharing a hotpot with your friends. Hotpots often consist of simmering soup, veggies and meat, but you can add more specialities as you wish. For this experience, you can head to the Ha Tien or Phung Hung Street.

hanoi stamp
Photo: Comac Walsh

Making your Own Stamp

Creating your own stamp is a good souvenirs you can do in Hanoi. There are many stamp shops at the old quarter where the local artisan can craft a stamp just for few dollars. You can customize with with various images, your name or even your signature. 
The procedure is very easy too! Just pass by a shop, customize your stamp, pay and you will have it after a half day.

hanoi traffic
Photo: Lauris Ducasse

Experience Real Hanoi Traffic

Stay at the back of a Hanoian, riding through the busy streets that are out of the touristic areas, you will quickly be surprise to learn how people navigate in this city. This little adventure is thrilling but also fun-drawing. 

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Swan ride on West Lake

West Lake and its surroundings are amongst the prettiest areas in the city. It treats visitors with many things to do, including biking, but paddling on the swan boats is the most fascinating . This on-water encounter is offered on the southern side of Truc Bach Lake, the corner of the West Lake.

cha ca

Enjoy some Cha Ca

Hanoians prepare a lot of mouthwatering dishes; among all, you should taste Cha Ca. It is made up of fish fried with other delicious flavors. This dish is the reason for all visitors to the Cha Ca Thang Long restaurant.

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egg coffee
Photo: flickr.com

Have an egg coffee

Vietnamese coffee is known globally for its fantastic flavours. Other than the usual recipes, you should try the piquant egg coffee. It is traditionally prepared with egg yolks, Robusta coffee, sugar and condensed milk. This drink is rarely seen in Hanoi - you can have the best of it at the Giang Cafe.

Eat some fantastic Bun Cha

Bun Cha is a popular dish amongst Vietnamese cuisines. It consists of rice vermicelli noodles, fried spring rolls and grilled fatty pork. This dish is superb to sample for any culinary adventurer. You can find it in many Vietnam’s locations but the one prepared at Bun Cha Dac Kim is peculiar.

Shop at the weekend night market

Don’t miss to grab best deals of clothing, ceramics, souvenirs and jewellery while in Hanoi. The city hosts varied markets, but the best is the one on Hang Dao street over the weekends. It runs from Hoan Kiem Lake to Dong Xuan Market. Usually from 8 pm traffic is blocked and the street is lined with thousands of stalls vending different products.

hanoi mosaic street

Ride along the mosaic wall

The mosaic wall is another highlight to appreciate in Hanoi. This 4 km structure was put up mainly to honor the one-thousandth anniversary of Hanoi. It beguiles holidaymakers with its remarkable designs that tell vivid stories about the city’s history. Wandering around is a good idea, but you can have the best exposure when you rent a motorbike.

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