My Son Sanctuary Travel Guide

My Son Sanctuary Travel Guide

My Son Sanctuary is one of the most prominent travel sites in central Vietnam. It is recognized as Unesco Heritage which reflects the glory of Cham civilization in Vietnam. The attraction is encompassed by Jungle Mountains amidst a scenic valley. My Son Sanctuary is a cluster of Hindu temple remains. It is situated just west of the famed Hoi An city.
The construction of this inimitable site in Vietnam began in the 4th century under the influence of the Champa groups. 

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History of My Son Temples

My Son Temples are the remains of the peerless Cham culture that existed on the central coast of Vietnam between the 4th and 13th centuries CE. This cluster of ruined Hindu temples was the political and religious capital of the Champa Kingdom.
Its spiritual origins based in Indian Hinduism. A series of temples within the sanctuary were continuously built up for over ten centuries. The construction of all monuments was meant to worship the Hindu divinities (Vishnu and Krishna).
The building techniques used to put up My Son Sanctuary temples were unmatched. Not like the modern process of bricks and mortar, for this case, soft firebricks were assembled by hand and rubbed into its final position.
After establishment, the structures were used as a place of worship by the Champa until the early 19th century when it was ignored and reclaimed by the Jungles.

The Rediscovery of the My Son Sanctuary in 1885

After being encountered by the French, My Son was rediscovered in 1885. All its documentation, excavations and inventory works were carried out by Henri Parmentier and his colleagues for over a year. Between 1903 -1904, the complex comprised of 72 monuments categorized into thirteen groups. The grouping of these structures was based on construction dates and their unique elements. Generally, it was easier to record all the available temples.
The Sanctuary now has only thirteen of the 72 monuments that existed, the reduction in numbers was as a result of the Vietnam War.
The Viet Cong used this area as their base and its buildings were constantly bombed by the Americans. These ruins are now classified into eight different groups. In Vietnamese history, My Son heritage site is renowned as the prominent constructions that were put in place during the Champa civilization. It showcases the cultural interchange that took place in that reign.

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Visiting the My Son Ruins

For an insight into the history of the Champa civilization, My Son Ruins are undoubtedly a must-see. It sits on a 142 – hectare of land and towered by the notable Cat Tooth Mountain. It is an ideal day trip from the vibrant Hoi An. Once you step into the Sanctuary, there is a marked path you are supposed to follow. This path takes you around all the structures (differently grouped) in place. Temples are labeled from A to H. Of all groups, B-C-D is the largest huddle and consists of the best-preserved premises.

Entrance fee

Entrance fee costs 6.5 USD (150000VND). It’s open to visitors from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm.
The Museum at the My Son Sanctuary Before heading further to the temples, it is recommended to first check-in at the Museum for the great exhibit of ancient artefacts, the immersion of archaeological and religious information about the Champa civilization and My Son.
The historical site locates itself 100 meters behind the ticket booth on the right side of the road. Its entrance is free of charge.

Opposite the museum is the road to the temple complex. It is very possible to walk up to the temple structures, but it’s better to take an electric bus (departs frequently and free of charge) such that you reserve more energy to stroll around My Son multiplex of ruined structures.
The bus drops you off exactly at the starting point of the marked path. This point is dotted by restaurants where you can get something to eat and an office that provides private tour guides to lead you around at an affordable cost.

Guiding service:

My Son tour guide costs 5 USD and a big bottle of drinking water (costing 1 USD) is paramount. Dress Code My Son is a religious site. Therefore visitors are not expected to flock in like someone who is getting away for beach hangouts.
Knees and shoulders covering are not highly enforced, but it is more important when it comes to protecting yourself from the heavy sun rays that often appear in My Son Valley.

How to get from Hoi An to the My Son Temples

Tours to the My Son Sanctuary Listed below are several alternatives to get to the My Son Sanctuary. Varying from Self-transport, private and public tours together with cycling, there are a plethora of options for you to choose while on a day trip from Hoi An or Da Nang

Public Tour to My Son

Many tour operators are within Hoi An town to arrange for you a public tour to My Son. The package offered to the Sanctuary by operators is almost the same.
Online reservation is possible although booking in person grants high chances to grab cost-friendly quotes.
Public tours on offer are of two sessions whereby the first one departs at around 7:30 am and the other at 1:30 pm, all lasting for an estimated time of four hours.

Private Tour 

A private tour to My Son is always listed in our Top Things to do in Hoi An for discerning travelers. 
With this option, you have all the rights to choose your time to be picked up from the hotel. You as well enjoy the comfort of being driven in a well-serviced and an air-conditioned car. The driver will wait in the parking lot as you immerse yourself into the history, setting and unique grandeur of the My Son ruins.

Sunrise Tour

For those who fancy sun-free encounters in My Son Sanctuary, Sunrise tour is the best choice for you. With these tours, travelers set off early in the morning to explore the site when temperatures are low and tolerable. Take note of this, if you are to visit My Son for sunrise in a private car with a driver, make sure to inform the driver about this.

Cycling Tour from Hoi An to My Son

Getting alone to My Son is rewarding, but it depends on the option used. If there is an exceptional way to reach My Son while taking in the countryside, it is a guided bike tour. The tour includes a ride along back roads that wind through stretching farms, rural villages, rolling hills and valleys. It is a long day of sweating but worth it.
Expect to pass by some off the beaten path spots.
Are you not up to cycling the 90-kilometre round trip? You are also catered for with a package that combines a cycle tour to My Son and return by a vehicle. This offer is special, costs about 72 USD including My Son entrance fee, vehicle transportation from My Son back to Hoi An, biking gears (like bike and helmet), drinking water, fruit snacks and an English speaking tour guide.

Travel on Your Own

The best way to reach My Son from Hoi An cheaply is own transportation. Scooters and motorbikes rentals in Hoi An are cheaper for a day. Grab one and drive your way to the heritage site. Prices start from 8 USD per day but vary depending on where you have rented from.
Don’t forget to get Google maps as well, it will pretty help on the directions of the routes to follow.
Once you get to My Son, there is an official parking for scooters. It is a shaded area with a permanent guard and costs 0.2c USD (5000 VND).

Self-Drive Directions

The first step of the journey is to make your way to QL1A, a highway located seven kilometers west of Hoi An. From QL1A, head south about 3.5 km to Hung Vuong where you will turn right and proceed westwards, maintain the hill hugging road for 19 kilometers.
After that long-distance, turn left and head south for 6.5 km, with no doubt you will be at the entrance for My Son. Hidden thoughts

Our tour experts are available for any tailor made Vietnam Tour that encompasses the best of My Son Sanctuary. Do not hesitate us for best suggest of Vietnam cultural exploration !

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