Mai Chau Tour Packages

Mai Chau Tour Packages

Mai Chau Tour Packages designed by our travel expert is to showcase the varied landscapes and culture of the area. They vary beautifully from leisure to adventurous options.
These Mai Chau travel itineraries get you in the sight of postcard-perfect Black River, tranquil stilt village backdropped by striking mountains. While the 2 days tour offers you a true insightful of Thai tradition, the 5 days trek is ideal for thrill seekers who are curious about exotic markets, hill tribe life.
All Mai Chau Tours are customizable which means no matter you fancy a road trip or a breathtaking trek, we all have something for you.
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Mai Chau 1 day tour

A full day trip to Mai Chau witnesses the changes from the lowland of Red River Delta to the mountainous province of Hoa Binh. En route, you will have the chance to behold the picturesque Thung Khe pass before immerse in the villages of Pom Cong and Na Phon on a pleasant walk in the afternoon.

Mai Chau Explorer 2 days

This 2 days discovers the more less-visited side of Mai Chau where the picturesque rice paddies, lush vegetation as well unique traditional workshops. The highlights of this tour come from the grateful local dances, in depth cultural interaction and delicious Thai foods.

North Vietnam Explorer 8 days

Our bestseller tour - North Vietnam Explorer is a brilliant choice for those who want to combine the world class destination of Lan Ha bay with the inspiring Mai chau valley. You’ll love spending the days capturing the colorful Mai Chau market, Pu Luong rice terraces and its cascading waterfall before admiring the waterways of Tonkin Gulf.
Tour details : North Vietnam 8 days tour

Mai Chau 4 days Trek

There is no better way to experience the hospitality of Thai people in North Vietnam than this exhilarating journey. With the average 12 trek each day, you’ll marvel various scenic valleys where Thai, Hmong villages situate.
Each touring day excites you with different encounters.
Tour details : Mai Chau Trekking Tour

Mai Chau - Ninh Binh 4 days Tour

The combination of Mai Chau and Ninh Binh has abundance of contrast. Your adventure rewards with the extraordinary Mai Hich community, lush Cuc Phuong National Park and the striking waterways of Kenh Ga.

Northwest Vietnam Adventure

If you expect a journey that is out of the beaten track but full of beautiful surprise then this tour is for you. Each destination in this program has its own identity.
While Mai Chau is famous for its gentle escape, Dien Bien Phu displays a wide range of historical sites, Lai Chau stands out with its wilderness and Sapa is well known for its trekking routes.

To customize or know further about any of these Mai Chau Tour Packages, please contact our tour expert for better consultancy. 

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