Top 10 Hoi An Dishes

Top 10 Hoi An Dishes

Hoi An is undoubtedly an enticing place in central Vietnam. It is famous for the fascinating ancient town, sandy beaches, serene countryside and amazing foods. There are so many dishes to lure foodies to Hoi An ranging from mouth-watering salads, delicious noodles. For every first-timers, these signature Hoi An dishes should be on your list of must-try :

cao lau

Cao Lau 

The most notable Hoi An food that you should try is Cao Lau. It is a colorful bowl consisting of fresh green vegetables, slices of roasted pork marinated over rice noodles.
While the topping may vary slightly but the main sauce is really sweet, fresh and well-cooked broth from pork or beef. Local people also add some special leaves from Cham Island to make it very aromatic. 

banh mi hoi an
Photo: Premshree Pillai

Banh Mì Thap Cam (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich)

Hoi An is one of the best places to taste Banh Mi in Vietnam. This baguette includes baguettes, fresh vegetables like lettuce, pickled carrots and cucumbers, liver pate and minced meat. The Vietnamese-style of Banh Mi is prepared in three different types, including the one made with chicken, vegetables, or when vegetables are mixed with meat.

banh xeo

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake)

Banh Xeo is very popular from central to south Vietnam and each region has its own identity of Banh Xeo. It is tasty and one of the must-tries on your Vietnam food tour. Most people in Hoi An first wrap it in a sheet of rice paper with herbs before dipping it in a fish sauce or any other dipping sauce. 

my quang
Photo: Buddha Belles

My Quang

The name of the dish itself tells us the origin of it. Both the rice paste ( yellow) and soup is 100% from Hoi An. It is a perfect treat with shrimp, pork, crunchy rice cake, local herbs and certainly exceptional broth. 
A big bowl of My Quang can satisfy your stomach. 

banh vac
Photo: Huey Yoong

Banh Vac (White Rose Dumpling)

Banh Bao Banh Vac is another unmatched dish to add on your wish list. With this staple, chefs usually get steamed dumplings with white skin made from rice four and fill it with minced pork and shrimp. Its main toppings are deep-fried shallots. If you are not sure of the best place to go for this eatable in Hoi An, it is the White Rose Restaurant.

com ga hoi an

Com Ga Hoi An (Hoi An Chicken Rice)

You may have tasted Chicken Rice in Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand but the one served in Hoi An is exceptional with its extra flavors. It is mainly rice flavored with chicken broth, turmeric and served with shredded chicken, fresh greens plus herbs.

com hen hoi an
Photo: Ainguyenle -

Banh Dap Hen Xao

The small mussels from Thu Bon river is richer and probably sweeter than other places in Vietnam. It makes the fried mussels here different and more outstanding. Banh Dap Hen Xao is good as a starter accordingly. 
It combines the softness from the mussels with the crunchy rice paste.

bun thit nuong

Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork over Vermicelli)

This is no doubt if you love pork. Once you order for a plate, expect it to include a salad of BBQ sliced pork served over cold rice noodles and plenty of fresh greens. It is not only found in Hoi An but also common in other cities like Hanoi.

banh it thit nuong
Photo: Karen H

Banh Uot Thịt Xien Nuong (Grilled Pork in Rice Paper)

If not Bun Thit Nuong, Thit Xien is a remarkable alternative for pork eaters. It is mostly served by street food stalls. Adding to grilled pork wrapped in rice papers, a plate of Thit Xien Nuong comes with vegetables, carbs and the peanut dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

These are of two types, including Goi Cuon (fresh spring rolls) and Cha Gio (deep-fried). For a great food experience, try both. The fried ones differ themselves with puffed skin, and fresh rolls include a soft rice paper and raw vegetables.

Banh Khọt Trung Cut (Mini Pancake with Quail Eggs)

Made with flour, eggs and simple toppings, Banh Khot Trung Cut is a favorite for culinary adventurers. Other than quail eggs, you can order for this notable Vietnamese street food when topped with shrimp.

Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodles)

It is very rare to find a list of top Viet foods without Pho Bo. This dish is awesome when temperatures are milder. Don’t hesitate to try a bowl of rice noodles, steamed beef broth, onions and scallions. You will have one of the best food experiences to remember.

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