Top 8 Hanoi Food Tours

Top 8 Hanoi Food Tours

Hanoi is not only appealing for culture, it is a great hub for foodie. The city is rated amongst the best places to sample street foods in Asia. There are many ways to uncover its culinary heritages and these Hanoi Food Tours are simply the most remarkable experiences you should not miss
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Hanoi Street Food Tour

This is a popular option to explore the highlights of Hanoi daily cuisine. The guided foodie tour happens in the old quarter where you can taste the most well known dishes like Banh Mi, Pho, Banh Ran, etc. 
You also will not miss the chance to enjoy the mouth washing fruit salad in Hanoi style and the very own Hanoian coffee. 
Tour price : $30/ person
Note: Our street food tour is totally customizable and there are more dishes you dont really know !

Hanoi Market Visit + Cooking Class

A perfect chance to celebrate your hand-on cooking experience in Hanoi. Your guide will navigate the market with you, capturing the daily marketing t traditional market in Hanoi where you can sample sizzling noodle soups or tasteful snacks before you can try your bargain skill. After having all the spices and ingredients, practice cooking with our dedicated chef and feed yourself your home made Vietnamese food. 

The activity is recommended for family travel in Hanoi as it offers great fun for children !

Hanoi After Dark 

Evening witnesses the boom of street foods in Hanoi. Many food stalls opens only from 6.00 till night. This is a good time to treat your palette with different dishes like Chicken with herbal vegetable, rice soup, roasted duck, etc. 
The tour concludes with hot desert. 

Hanoi Weird Food Tasting

This is not the food tour for everyone, especially those who are scared of insects and grasshoppers.. All what you will try are full of protein, delicious in various shape : soft, hard, creepy. 
At the end of the tour, you will have famous Che, a perfect sweet dish made from bean, soya, rice or other grains. 

Hanoi Food on Motorbike

We target to let you understand better the local life by proposing this adventure. You will be on the back of our bike, winding through busy boulevard, back streets and stops for hidden food scenes either in a small corner of Hanoi or a family restaurant which has been serving their dedicated food for generations. 

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Hanoi Local Dinner

Curious about how the local celebrate their most important meal of the day ? join our Hanoi Local Dinner, you are about to be touched the local hospitality.
The tour costs only about $15/ person and it is rated the most valuable experience for evening activities by our local experts

Special Hanoi Food Tours :

The story of Hanoi Noodle 

Noodle is part of Hanoi culinary heritage is this tour is designed to unveil this history of it.Your personal tour guide will you through many Noodle shops which serve Noodle with chicken, beef then " Mixed noodle", " Rolling noodle", " Frying noodles" in different districts of the city. 

Culinary Treasure of West Lake

West Lake is a very appetizing district. It treasures rich culinary traditions from moon cake to snail shops. The area offers distinctive selection of food which is really outstanding. This Hanoi food tour is designed to introduce the most mouthwashing dishes of Westlake including fresh salad, seafood and coconut icecream.  

If you are interested in a private Vietnam Tour or personalized Hanoi excursion, do not hesitate to contact our travel expert


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