Hanoi food Tour for Travel Blogger

Hanoi food Tour for Travel Blogger

Hanoi is a beguiling city for any travel bloggers. It offers varied experiences, especially for those who love to explore one of the most characterful Asian cuisines. 
As a local tour operator, we are open for any collaboration for all bloggers who are interested in sample the best foods of Hanoi. These Hanoi Food Tours are designed to showcase the most tasty dishes of Hanoi as well regional specility
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Hanoi Street Food Tour

This easy guided walk takes you through some of the most appetizing streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter. You will have the chance to sample around 10 dishes varying from fresh salads to signature Noodle, from a slice of Vietnamese pancake to the typical Hanoian deserts. Our guide will also introduce you to our tea and coffee culture. If you fancy trying something new : free to ask for an egg-coffee.

Hanoi Nightlife Food Scene

In Hanoi, there are many traditional food houses which open from 6.00pm.
This tour is designed to show you such foodie destinations : small, delicious restaurants hidden in some less-touched corners of the city. Some of the dishes you will try : Banh Cuon, Nom Bo Kho, Bun Rieu, Nem Chua.
During the 3 hours tour, you’ll also learn about the Hanoian culture reflecting through ancient houses, pagodas.

Hanoi Foodie On Scooters

This adventure goes further than just the area of the Old Quarter. You will explore the busy streets of Hanoi by the Hanoian way - riding a scooter. As you snakes along the vibrant streets that across French colonial building, cathedral, scenic lake, our guide will make stops in between for food tasting. Some of the highlighted dishes are : Pho Cuon, Banh My, Mien Luon, etc..

Hanoi Cooking Class

A half day tour with fun is await for you in Hanoi ! Embark on this trip, you will be guided by our chef to a local market then apprend the recipe for one of the most famous Hanoi foods - the Bun Cha. The chef will guide you all the steps from mixing meat with spices, preparing the salads then food demonstration. After the course, you can challenge your cooking skill and taste your own Vietnamese food.

We are open for any collaboration with bloggers for food, Adventure Tours ( 2 - 3 days ) in the mountain. If you have any idea or wanna know more about our offer, please drop us an email to hanoiguide@gmail.com

If you need any support for your travel in Vietnam regarding planning itinerary, choosing services or even finding some contact for further collab, you can contact us as well.

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