Best Vietnam Diving Sites

Best Vietnam Diving Sites

Vietnam boasts a long, beautiful coastal line and a large number of picturesque islands. Undoubtedly, the country offers numerous characterful diving sites that all adventurers should immerse into. 
Most of the Vietnam diving spots situate from central to southern part where the weather is warm all the year round. These are our top picks destinations for a diving tour to Vietnam

Moray Beach, Nha Trang

Abundant species of nudibranch and incredible coral reefs are the reasons why Moray beach is a must for any diver in Vietnam. Its great visibility makes for unmatched sea photography. Diving adventures at this beach often treat divers with scenic views of clownfish, sea horses, flying gurnard, moray eels and lionfish.
Don’t miss to enter the Moray Cave; it is a great place to see the razor fish, scorpion fish and the rare pipefish.


Madonna Rock, Nha Trang

With its two large triangular-shaped rocks rising from the waters, Madonna rock is for anyone who is in Nha Trang for its marine life. Madonna differs itself with a remarkable natural grandeur under the waves. Its diverse ecosystem that consists of caves and tunnels provides a home to millions of fish species such as flatworms, cobia rays, octopus, ornate ghost fish to name but a few.
Whether you are after deep, peak performance or multi-level dives, this spectacular spot has it all.


Electric Nose

Electric Nose is a popular dive site for many reasons. Some of them are; its diverse fish species and colorful reefs. Adding to over 50 nudibranch species, this dramatic spot is recorded with several types of crabs, flatworms and mantis shrimps. At Electric Nose, nothing is more breathtaking for divers than a swim through the rocks that are masked in masses of soft corals.

Hon Nhan

At 40m deep, Hon Nhan offers extraordinary diving experiences in Vietnam. With its impressive rock formations, caverns, large schools of fish and thousands of nudibranchs, Hon Nhan will leave you contented with all that it offers. This site feeds divers with endless views of seahorses, ribbon eels, triggerfish and pipefish.

coral reef

Hon Mo, Quang Nam Province 

Not only known for its pristine beaches Hoi An is also perfect for diving. One of its top diving sites is Hon Mo. Hon Mo’s range in depth (4-35 meters) makes it quintessential for divers of all levels, whether a novice or an expert you are all covered. Its hard and soft corals favor the growth of sea horses, clownfish and trumpet fish.

Hon Ko (Dry Island), Phu Quoc

Hon Ko needs to be on your wish list if you fancy a free from crowd diving experience in Vietnam. It is located just in the south of Phu Quoc Island. A swim through its spectacular reef system reveals many rays and bamboo sharks, catfish, nudibranchs and miter shells. Parrot and butterfly fish are also common.

black ray

Nudibranch Gardens

If Nudibranchs are the cause for your multiple diving adventures had in numerous locations, Nudibranchs garden is the best for you. It is found in the north of Phu Quoc. In addition to the Godiva nudibranchs (bright purple color), the larch coral and rock formations at this site are home to a plethora of bamboo sharks.

White Rock

Covered in coral trees and gorgonians, the White Rock is a mecca for divers in Vietnam. It defines itself unique with sheer walls that drop from the water surface down to depths of 40m. Impressive views of underwater rock formations and an opportunity to swim with the huge black rays make for a great experience you shouldn't miss.


Ho Trau Nam (Three King Island)

Speaking of best sites for diving in Vietnam, Ho Trau Nam is a perfect answer. Also known as the “Three King Island”, this site was named after the three rock pinnacles that loom above the waves.
Some of the things that enchant divers are a burst of white, yellow and purple corals along with several marine species. Manta, sting and eagle rays frequently visit this locale. Therefore it is no surprise that there are common.

bamboo shark

Whale Island Bay

A diving trip to Vietnam isn’t it without the Whale Island Bay. This Vietnam island awards easy diving experiences, sights of varied types of anemones and clownfish. Besides being ideal for amateur and experienced divers, this dive spot is suitable for anyone who is in love with groupers, snappers and the giant trevally.

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